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Access, the Construction Innovation Hub launched by the Shapir Group – will revolutionize the way we live by building a unique eco-system that encourages and promotes the introduction of new disruptive technologies in all phases of the construction industry.

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what we do

With ample support from the Shapir Group, Access will become the foundation upon which startup companies will disrupt the global construction industry with new materials, processes and, means that will change the course of its future.
The strategic partnership with Shapir will expose the startups to real-life situations and the pressures of the industrial and commercial environment, constantly honing the new product specifications,  accelerating the development processes and, helping the young companies reach the markets faster, better prepared, and ready for success.

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We believe in


Improve performance and efficiency through new materials, digitization from early design to long-term maintenance, automation, industrial methodologies, smart safety systems, and more. 


With our technological partners to accelerate the development path, optimize the offering, and facilitate the introduction to the markets.


Adopt new technologies, increase productivity, improve quality, reduce costs, shrink construction cycles while enhancing safety, and advancing environmentally-friendly sustainable solutions.

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The Shapir Group is an international civil engineering company based in Israel, operating throughout the country and around the world. Shapir serves a local and international market via three divisions – Engineering, Industry, and Development – which are supported by in- house subdivisions that handle transport, logistics and quality control.

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