Pre-Cast Concrete

October 18, 2021

The Shapir Prefab Concrete Plant was established in 1992 to produce pre-cast concrete elements for the Shapir Group and other clients within Israel.

The plant prides itself on having superior efficiency than that of its competitors, with advanced equipment including three 160m casting lines, with a maximum casting strength of 1,350 tons.

The plant produces a wide variety of prefab concrete elements, and is capable of supplying all the infrastructure elements. The concrete is supplied by the adjacent Shapir concrete plant. All steel used conforms to the standards of the Israeli Standards Institute. The casting lines are produced in accordance with the European ISO 9002 standard and undergo examination by the ISI.

Shapir’s pre-cast concrete beams are produced for the majority of the bridges in Israel for example:
U-Shaped Beams: Mivtza Kadesh Bridge, Ashdod Intersection, Holon Intersection, several bridges for road 431.
Trapezoid Beams: Bridge over the railway line and Route 4, underpasses and overpasses for the Lod-Beersheva line.
Inverted-T and “Crocodile” Beams: Jerusalem’s eastern ring, Modiin central train station.
Box Girder Bridges: Golda Bridge, Yigal Yadin bridge.
AASHTO Beams: Nahal Gamliel Bridge, bridge in Bat Yam.
Gaza Protective Measures: Manufacturing approx. 150 safe rooms and approx.
40 shelters.
Over the past 20 years, the plant has supplied materials for almost 200 projects.