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Ensuring Structural Health

Rapida is AI-infused, All-in-one Asset-space platform, enabling infrastructure owners and civil engineers to acquire, analyze and manage asset data while saving 80% in inspection time for robust and cost-effective target-based maintenance.

Bimmatch’s data intelligence platform provides an end-to-end solution for project owners and managers to ensure transparency and efficiency in the procurement process. Project teams can automatically generate Bills Of Materials that include specifications that comply with the project standards, quality, and budget control. From the early stages of the project design to maintenance, Bimmatch achieves the quickest path to cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and carbon footprint in projects’ products and materials

Structure Pal provides the structural engineers with AI-based tools that enable them to reduce the needed concrete in their design, without changing their workflow and without any learning curve.
The result in numbers:
1. Up to 15% concrete volume reduction.
2. Up to 15% reduction in concrete related execution costs.
3. Up to 50% design time reduction.
4. Reducing construction emitted Co2 emission – up to 30%

Ception is a Jerusalem-based startup that developed MineCept, an AI-powered system for heavy equipment, designed to improve operational safety, productivity and sustainability.
The solution is based on SaaS model, which offers a collection of apps via the same hardware kit and supports a wide range of scenarios at construction sites, industrial plants, quarries, and mines.