Israel’s Parliament

October 18, 2021

The Knesset building, home to the 120-member Israeli Parliament, is one of the most famous structures in modern Jerusalem. Thousands of heads of state, major political figures, journalists,  citizens and foreign visitors are hosted each year in this national landmark.

Besides serving as the seat of Israel’s government and a symbol of the nation’s democratic character, the construction of the Knesset building presented multiple challenges in its needs for both  high security and open accessibility. Its initial construction in 1966 gradually became outmoded as the decades passed.

The task of expanding and modernizing the Knesset for the 21st century could only be entrusted to a company that could be relied upon to meet the multiple challenges. The project, was  warded to Shapir by the Israeli government. This is a testament to Shapir’s financial strength, and the level of trust in Shapir held by the highest governmental authorities.

The Knesset project was classified as a BOT for 25 years, remaining under the care of Shapir. Recruiting specially selected staff with high security clearance and impeccable dedication, Shapir  currently handles the ongoing maintenance and management of the property.