Galilee: Acbara Bridge

July 20, 2021

The region in the north of Israel known as the Upper Galilee is famous for its spectacular views, mild summer climate and close contact with nature. Unfortunately, the steep mountain heights responsible for these attractions are also to blame for problems in accessing this area. Road construction has always been a severe challenge, which only the most experienced engineers were equipped to tackle.

For this reason, the design and construction of a bridge near Safed for Israel’s National Roads Co. (Maatz), one of the country’s foremost authorities in civil engineering, was awarded to Shapir. The Acbara Bridge was constructed in segments with a balance cantilever slip-form system of concrete casting, a cutting edge method to bridge engineering and construction introduced for the first time to Israel by Shapir, and improved by the company in its implementation in numerous projects.

Besides a new level of convenience in exploring the Upper Galilee, the Bridge itself presents a breathtaking panoramic view of the Acbara River gorge below, with the Galilee region spread out in the distance. The  support pillars carry the structure across a dizzying drop between two rocky cliffs, making it the highest bridge in Israel to date (80 meters from the ground).