Leadership in Environmental Care

July 20, 2021

As a company with decades of experience in Israel and around the world, Shapir is familiar with the crucial need to safeguard the environment surrounding a project.

Although a tiny country, Israel is comprised of delicate ecosystems found nowhere else on the planet, which can suffer permanent damage if not handled correctly.

This is in addition to irreplaceable archeological finds dating back thousands of years, both at known sites and in new sites that suddenly come to light during construction.
Shapir Group enjoys a sterling reputation in minimizing the negative environmental impact at all work sites, both in Israel and in every other country where Shapir projects are found.

Shapir not only keeps updated on changes in local environmental regulations, to ensure compliance at all times, but often takes the initiative for additional environmental protection.
For example, stone excavated from tunnels is not dumped; it is reused in other construction projects.

Besides the obvious savings in the cost of raw materials, this practice reduces additional quarrying of raw materials and its impact on the local environment. It is just one more way Shapir leads through smart new ideas, offering a much-needed model for the industry.