Ma’ale Adumim, Israel

October 18, 2021

The town of Ma’ale Adumim was established seven kilometers east of Jerusalem in the 1970s to relieve the city’s housing shortage. It grew into a small city of roughly 30,000 within 30 years,  and its connection in 2003 to Israel’s capital by an expressway further accelerated residential growth.

Surrounded on all sides by the Judean Desert, Ma’ale Adumim is upscale in its modern lifestyle and healthy in its dry, pollution-free climate. The city has repeatedly won national prizes for  environmental quality, in recognition of its careful cultivation of green zones, community areas and outdoor artwork, balanced with industrial areas, commercial centers and other modern conveniences.

In keeping with this image, all construction in Ma’ale Adumim is subject to strict oversight by the municipality in order to maintain these high standards for its growing population. It was therefore with pride that Shapir accepted the contract for the planning, development and construction of a new section of this city.

The special appeal of Ma’ale Adumim to a wide spectrum of Israeli families called for its proposed “07 Neighborhood” of 120 residential units to include a variety of housing options. Eighty of  the units are concentrated in a group of five-story buildings clustered around a common courtyard. Each one of the four or five-room apartments is constructed with either a balcony to enjoy the desert panorama, or a walled garden to enjoy a shaded oasis. The remaining 40 are semi-detached cottages ideal for larger families.

Built to the very highest standards, the quality and style are compatible with the best that Ma’ale Adumim has to offer. There was no difficulty in marketing all units successfully.