Mevaseret Zion, Israel

October 18, 2021

The town of Mevaseret Zion is perched on a mountain ridge to the west of Jerusalem. Its neighborhoods consist of both villas and apartment buildings, with local commercial areas and an upscale  mall. The unparalleled mountain view surrounded by historical sites and forest adds to the desirability of this fast-growing suburb.

As a residential area with 15-minute access to Israel’s capital along the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway, the expansion of Mevaseret Zion has been accelerated by the housing shortage in the Jerusalem metropolitan area. But building neighborhoods on these steep hillsides has presented engineering challenges that can be met only by contractors who are familiar with constructing multi-level  housing in this particular topography.

Shapir constructed eight apartment buildings in Mevaseret Zion, handing the entire project from its planning to the actual construction. The 82 residential units are fanned out across an area of  9,000m², and arranged to provide every homeowner with a fair share of the breathtaking mountain view for which Mevaseret Zion is well-known.

The access roads, pedestrian walkways, stairs and retaining walls are likewise integrated into the landscape, using quality natural materials that will endure over time while preserving the unique character of the town.